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Hospital Visits


Hospital, Home Visits, and Fundraisers

We love spreading joy and magic to precious children in need. If your child, friend, or relative could use a visit from their favorite character to bring a smile to their face, please contact us! We will do our best to accomodate as our schedule allows, free of charge!

Alternatively, if the child is currently at home but still undergoing treatment, we can visit them in the comfort of their own home!

In addition to hospital/home visits for children in need, we can also attend fundraisers that support them. 


Please contact us with inquiries.




Meet and Greet

   -The character(s) will come in and greet your child, talk to them, and answer their questions throughout the visit.



   -The character(s) will read their story to your child from their perspective and interact with them during



   -If your child has any board games in their room, the character can play with them if desired. 



   -As well as having theme related music playing in the background during the visit, the character(s) will also sing their songs with the child. 


Princess Makeover

   -If allowed, your child can recieve a royal makeover from the character(s), including eyeshadow, blush, and lip gloss, and stamps.



   -There will be picture time with the character(s)


A Gift

   -Your child will receive a beautiful tiara presented to her by the character(s) as a gift that she can treasure forever.  


Coloring Pages 

   -Your child will receive a themed coloring page and make beautiful art with the character(s). Crayons will be provided by your performer. The character will even autograph it!


*We are always open to custom activity requests! Please contact us to discuss your desires. 


Here are some of our favorite moments from past visits and fundraisers.



 Fantasy and Reality 

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​**Disclaimer: A Charmed Affair does not offer any copyrighted characters and is not in any way associated with any studios, other companies, or theme parks. Any resemblance to copyrighted characters is purely incidental and unintentional- our characters are based off of classic fairytales, stories, and cultural myths. If you are in need of a specific copyrighted character, please contact the proper copyright owners.