We are A Charmed Affair Houston Princess Parties, a team of performers with a

passion for spreading magic and making a difference in our community.

Our performers are blessed to have the opportunity to make the dreams of children a reality

and have a positive impact on their lives. 

From wishing them another happy birthday at their party to granting their last wishes,

we want to celebrate their lives in a big way and create lasting memories for you and your child.


About Us

The owner of A Charmed Affair Houston Princess Parties has worked in the children's entertainment industry as a character performer for multiple years.

She has been featured in various news segments as a performer, has a musical theatre background, formal training as a model, and is an accomplished costume designer with international recognition for her talents. 

Her endless imagination and love of children shines through all of her performances.

She can't wait to meet your little prince or princess and make their dreams come true! 


 Fantasy and Reality 

Make Friends




We are A Charmed Affair,, a

team of performers with a passion

for spreading magic and making a

difference in our community....


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​**Disclaimer: A Charmed Affair does not offer any copyrighted characters and is not in any way associated with any studios, other companies, or theme parks. Any resemblance to copyrighted characters is purely incidental and unintentional- our characters are based off of classic fairytales, stories, and cultural myths. If you are in need of a specific copyrighted character, please contact the proper copyright owners.